Veterinary Compounds by

Quality compounds delivered quickly brings over 25 years of personalized medicine and specialty compounding experience to
veterinary practice.

Our Approach


Orders for most of our formulations are shipped out the next business day from our Toronto location to all of Ontario. If your order is for a product we do not regularly stock, we will contact you with a probable shipping date.

Quality Compounds

The right formulation can improve compliance and efficacy resulting in better outcomes. We apply the same quality controls to veterinary medications as we have to our human compounds for the past 25 years. You can have confidence dispensing the compounds we provide.

Problem Solving

Our experienced veterinary compounding pharmacists can work with you to review published clinical literature to develop custom, evidence-based formulations that improve patient compliance and help pet owners treat their pets with ease. We provide expert support without
additional costs.

We only compound for Veterinarians.
All compounds are designed and packaged for dispensing by your clinic.

What the VetCompounds Delivery Advantage
means to your clinic:

Reduced inventory & overhead costs

Reduced stock expiry & wastage

Fast treatment start & better outcomes

The Right Strength

We recognize that not all clinical situations are readily addressed by available compounds or dosage forms. Our pharmacists will work with you to come up with custom formulations to help meet your patients’ unique needs. We can provide innovative solutions to meet your patients’ needs.

The Right Formulation

We can provide compounded medications in a variety of packaging formats. Options allow you to practice as you prefer and offer patient centric solutions.

Frequently Asked

What are your delivery fees?

For orders below $50.00 a delivery fee of $9.99 will be added to the invoice no matter where in Ontario your office is located.
For shipment outside of Ontario we will add the actual delivery cost to your invoice.

Will you fill vet prescriptions for home delivery or in-store pick-up by pet owners? service is for Veterinarians only and all deliveries are made directly to veterinary clinics. 

How soon can we expect your product to be delivered?

If we receive your order before noon Eastern time, we will be able to ship out your order the next business day.

Do you service vet clinics outside of Ontario? What is the cost?

Yes. If you are a veterinarian licensed to practice in your province, we are also here to serve you. We will contact you with the delivery cost, if any, for your order.

Can you help devise a formulation or help with a clinical problem?

Absolutely! our team of experienced compounding pharmacists are here to discuss your problem and research possible solutions, including doing a literature search, sourcing medications and devising novel formulations.

How do you ensure quality?

We ensure quality by adhering to Good Compounding Practice (GCP) guidelines. Our facilities and systems are also designed to ensure quality and safety at every step.

What compounding controls do you have?

All of our compounds go through 7 checks to ensure accuracy, appropriateness, and quality before reaching you.

What kind of components are used?

We only use medical grade Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and excipients.

What process expertise do you have?

Our decades-long experience compounding for humans means our compounds are produced using a proven system of processes and procedures. Our expert staff are well-trained and committed to your patients.

Need more help?

Our team of experienced compounding pharmacists are available to discuss your clinical needs and research practical solutions. This may include literature searches, sourcing medications and devising novel formulations. If you have an extreme rush need or other special circumstance, please reach out to us – we will try to help if we can.